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Polar Bear 24/7 Vending Dispenser Features

•The Choice is Clear…
We produce the most elegant machine on the market. The 100% stainless steel construction tells customers they are purchasing quality water and separates you from the competition. Some vending machines use steel cabinets that are painted…they rust. Other machines are made from fiberglass…they discolor and lose their shine. Our stainless steel machines will not stain or discolor.
•Leading Edge Design…
We have custom-designed a single control board that manages all coin and water dispensing functions. Other machines use boards obtained from various sources not designed specifically for water vending. There can be as many as 4 control boards “cobbled” together, resulting in over 150 wire connections. By designing the controller properly, we eliminate potential repairs and problems. Simply put: Liquid Action machines have less downtime.
Our machines are unmatched for safety. The voltage is reduced from 110 volts to 24 volts at the power source. This results in a safe, low voltage entering the machine cabinet. Other manufacturers have 110 volts entering the machine and then the voltage is stepped down.
•Ease Of Use…
Ease of use is unparalleled. A large 2-line backlit user screen, provides simple prompts and real information, that step customers through the vend process. The customer is quickly and easily guided through each vend. Other machines typically provide only basic credit (dollar & cents) information on a 4digit display.
Another exclusive feature is the second backlit screen inside for operator programming and viewing. No other machine provides such simple information and easy to follow programming steps. We are the only manufacturer to offer both time and volume-based vending. This ensures you have absolute flexibility in how you use your machines.
Only Liquid Action machines provide exclusive audit controls. These controls enable you to track your total sales and individual vend size sales, at no additional cost to you. This information is critical for targeting promotional activities. Our machines are also designed to grow with your needs. A basic unit can be upgraded to allow for future coin changer and bill acceptor use.
•Vending Management
  1) Accepts all Canadian & US coins - MDB (Multiple Drop Bus).
  2) 32 Character backlight Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Screen provides status and credit information.
  3) Both time based (standard) or volume based vending (optional). User grammable pricing.
  4) 5 Vend sizes (typically 1, 2, 3, 5, 20 gallons). 3 GPM Flow Rate.
  5) UV “Temperature Flush” flushes for 3 seconds if no water has been sold for 1 hour. Extends UV bulb life.
  6) “Out Of Service” notification will prevent vending in the event of UV bulb failure, pump failure, empty tank, low water pressure, etc. (3 N/O Dry Contact Inputs)
•High Security
  1) High security model (LA -1000HS) provides no change eliminates coin theft. See optional coin changers and bill acceptors below.
  2) Total cash and vend size audit counts.
  3) Recessed stainless steel vend nozzle to prevent contamination.
  4) Locking rear door cabinet (opens inside the store) for additional security.
  1) Premium all Stainless Steel cabinet & fill spout.
  2) Illuminated vend area.
  3) 10” Activated Carbon Filter (5 Micron) and Housing
  4) 5 Gallon bottom plate & 1 gallon drop down shelf.
  5) Large filling area to accommodate insulated coolers.
  6) Built in drain system in the base of unit.
  7) Spring loaded (adjustable) Acrylic door - keeps vend area clean.

Polar Bear 24/7 Vending Dispenser Specs & Prices

LA -1000HS
Parts Number:
Machine Weight:
90 Kg (200 lb)
Machine Height:
914 mm (36”)
Machine Width:
863 mm (34”)
Machine Depth:
527 mm (20 ¾”)
Electrical Ratings:
120 Volts
1 Amps
120 Watts
Price List
24/7 Vending Dispenser #300327, 120V
USD $12,695.00

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