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Polar Bear Goal
Most people don't drink enough water, yet most nutritionists agree that six to eight glasses of fresh, uncontaminated water a day is essential for the body's well being and the prevention of disease. Good water is the most important substance we consume as it controls our body temperature, transports nutritive elements from the foods we eat to our cells, and carries away the toxic waste products for elimination.

Distillation is the most effective method of providing pure water that is free of all contaminants and unwanted solids. Our company's objective is to design, manufacture, and deliver appliances suitable for the production of pure water in the home or workplace. Our current designs include water distillers that produce between 10 and 200 litres of pure water per day, attachments that simplify the daily operations, plus bottle rinsers and dispensers for commercial applications. We manufacture the bulk of Polar Bear components in house in order to ensure our exacting standards are met, and use the highest quality raw materials available. We deliver our products through a network of approved dealers and distributors thus maximizing coverage to the consumer.

By focusing on designs, manufacturing, and delivery, we consistently provide a high quality distiller, which we believe will bring good health, improved living, and a more abundant lifestyle. We believe it can because we have experienced it for ourselves. It is a privilege to discover the "Real Living Water" and to know it will make a positive difference in our lives. By our tremendous growth as a company and the daily interest, demand, and request for our product, we know that many people have discovered this truth for themselves.

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