Westlock Towing & Hauling

Towing Rates:

Standard Deck Towing:
$100.00 Hookup Charge per Tow
Towing Mileage:
$3.00 / KM or $4.50 / KM on One Tonne and Over

Flatbed Ramping:
Flatbed Ramping Charge: $30.00 Additional (Retail Hookup charged / Tow)
Charge only applies if flatbed loading or unloading requires the use of ramping to eliminate contact between vehicle and ground that may scratch vehicle or cause other damage.

Heavy or Long Equipment: $60.00 additional ($160.00) Hook up charged / tow
Heavy or long equipment includes long flatbed, or towing of stretch limousines, tractors, or equipment with excessive weigh.
Towing Mileage:
Charge only applied when heavy or long equipment is requested or required for the vehicle.

Roadside Services:
Fuel Deliver $60.00 (2G unleaded fuel)
Lock Out Service charge $60.00 ($30.00 Unsuccessful Entry) $3.00 / KM to service location outside of Town.

Winching and Recovery Service:
$150.00/hour Minimum Charge $150.00

Key Pickup:
$7.00/Tow, Mileage charge for Pick Up $3.00/KM

Storage Fees:
$50 / Day & Night or $75.00 Day & Night Inside Storage

Arrangements made for permits on dimensional and over sized hauls

For a Quote:
Call (780)349-4968 or Email: reception@westlocktowing.com

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